| Magic in a Tube Toothpaste |

Toothpaste doesn’t sound like a very exciting topic to write about, but honestly after discovering this whiting toothpaste and having the opportunity to sell and make a business with such an amazing product, this particular toothpaste really does excite me!

This toothpaste works just as well as getting your teeth professionally whitened – okay it may take a few more days but its a lot cheaper than spending hundreds on other teeth whiting opinions. White teeth is something that everyone wants and after seeing the results from my own personal use as well as colleagues and customers I truly believe this is one of the best teeth whiting products out there. You start to see results from day one – but white teeth really start to show themselves after around four days.

Interested by anything I’ve just said – want to become part of my business team, or try the product for yourself message me or Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or email me at

rosemcnamee@outlook.com and I will provide you with more information about this amazing product!

| Beauty within Text |

Recently I’ve got back into reading, starting to give myself to time to sit and read before drifting into sleep, and as I was reading pages and pages of one self help book I realized that the way the words are all writing and come together to make something so meaningful and so beautiful is just amazing. I completely understand that some people hate reading and will never pick up a book in there life, but those people are missing out on this whole other world of beauty and peace.

Loving books and loving to read is something that a couple of years ago I would have never understood why would someone read for fun, but reading takes you away from reality for a while and gives your brain the break that it sometimes needs to think clearly again. Self help books give me this break and let me mull over life, they give me the break my brain needs and as I sit reading all those words I realise that life can be quite simple if you stop worrying and the little things and let things happen the way they are suppose to.

Words are a beautiful thing and I’m so happy that I’ve discovered them.

Elizabeth x

| My New Business Venture |

I am super excited about this opportunity that I have been given. My new venture involves selling a range of amazing products that aren’t ridiculously expensive and that have left many customers very satisfied. The products I am selling range from teeth whiting toothpaste, to mascara and mud masks, all of which are best sellers of the company that I am working with.

I will be occasionally posting about some products on my blog with more in-depth information. For anyone who might be interested in any of the products they see me promoting on twitter or Instagram, you can simply give me a quick message or email me at rosemcnamee@outlook.com and I can provide you with more information about prices and delivery.

I’d love your support with this new venture, even if it just means a retweet or a like I would really appreciate the support.

Elizabeth x

| Starting from the Beginning |

Blogging and writing can be a tricky business, watching other bloggers produce content that you know is nowhere near your own reach is hard. It makes you feel unworthy of blogging and putting your content out there because you feel that no one will really pay any attention to you because your not as good. Right now I’m not able to put money into paying people to design my blog or buy my own domain but I still want to be on here producing content that I’m passionate about and writing my heart away.

My blog isn’t going to be in a niche, despite seeing that everywhere that you NEED a niche to get yourself noticed. No what I feel you need is passion and dedication to write about anything that you feel like. Yes I love beauty and fashion and I will be putting content like that out there, but I also love writing and sharing my opinion on subjects that give me meaning.

So whether you want to support me or not, please respect my little area of the internet as I’m sure you have your own to do with as you please.

I’m also super excited that I will be running my own cosmetics company, selling a range of different products including a best selling whiting toothpaste, more information will be coming soon, but if you can’t wait that long don’t hesitate to email me at rosemcnamee@outlook.com

Elizabeth x

| Plum Paper Planner |

I recently bought a planner from the company plum paper, I had done a lot of research about the planners and was super excited to order my new one for the year.

The ordering process for the planners is simply but amazing, the planners are customisable and allow you to add your name as well as adding any extras that you may need. You are also able to decide your own start and end dates which means your planning can start whenever. Although bare in mind they can take a while to arrive so maybe don’t start it too close to when you order. My planner runs from May to April so I’ve had a couple of months to play around and get used to my planner.

One things I love about my planner is that each month you get to set yourself 3 goals, its up to you how you use them and whether you use them all but this feature is one of my favorites and gives you that reflection and planning time at the start of each month to decide what you want to work one. Personal my main goal for this month is going to be work on becoming a better writer/blogger. This feature is a definite motivator.

The colours used within the planner are just beautiful, each month you are presented with a new colour which kind of means you can start a fresh (you also don’t get bored of seeing the same colour for too long). The colours range is perfect in my opinion, changing shades of blue, green, purple and pink makes each month personal and different.

For me the most important part of any planner besides the content  is the quality, now I wouldn’t say these planners are cheap, definitely an investment in your life and I was expecting big things when I ordered mine. And plum paper didn’t let me down, the cover is amazingly sturdy, and comes with another layer of protection (which can be removed if you’d prefer), each monthly tab is laminated to make sure they don’t rip or bend, the back pocket although only card is working well for my needs. And the paper quality is just brilliant, ink doesn’t bleed through and you can write in pretty much and pen without it running, I haven’t had any rips or bends since I bought my (although I do look after mine pretty well).

This planner is definitely going to help me with my business, its already supported me so much to keep my life in order – more so than any other planner has before!

I would defiantly recommend this planner if you’re needing a new one. Plum paper have updated the planners since I bought mine, but I only imagine they are even better quality.

If you decide to buy one of these lovely planners, be sure to uses my coupon code – ROSE10 – valid until August 31st 2016.

Elizabeth x

| I’m on a Mission |

So I disappeared again, but I promise I’ll be back and better than ever. I’m currently sorting myself out, sorting my mind out and getting myself to a place where I’m ready to work my butt off again.

I’ll be back with more content at the end of April, and hopefully with some exciting new opportunities of team ups and guest posts.

Expect a new post coming up on April 27th which is only two weeks away from now, I’ve got a lot of work to do before them. From then on it will be back to my normal Wednesday and Sunday posts.

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| Favorite Makeup Brushes |

Make up brushes are a must in any girls life, and for those of us who love make up they are used daily and are part of our everyday routine. Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite make up brushes that I’m currently loving.



Starting with the face brushes. As I use a sponge to apply my liquid foundation I don’t really have a favorite brush for that, but I do absolutely love my powder foundation brush from Real Techniques. I also adore the Zoeva powder brush (106), which I use for applying highlight when I do a full face of make up.


For eye brushes I have a few more, but I think they are pretty basic and easy to use. Each of these are Zoeva brushes and they all serve a different but very useful purpose. 231 the Luxe Petit Crease brush is what I use to apply eye-shadow to my crease,  I then go in with 228 the Luxe Crease brush which I use for blending this eye-shadow out to make sure I don’t have any harsh lines. To complete my eye-shadow look I will add a shimmer to my lid using 234 the Luxe Smoky Shader.

One of the most important brushes in my collection is 233 the Brow Line, is explains itself really, but I use this to fill in my brows and give them a bit more colour and make sure they look full and on point all day. Don’t know where I’d be without this brush. Its also one of the best brow brushes I have tried.

What are your favorite make up brushes?

Leave any ideas for future blog posts in the comments, what do you want to see from me?

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